Fall Schedule 2016


On-Going Series:

The Present WordHearthstone (led by Mary Hurlocker), 9:00 a.m. – Timothy Meeting Room, Lower Level
The Present Word engages participants in an experiential style of learning—connecting faith and life, and nurtures individual growth of the participants as children of God rooted in the Christian community, life in the Spirit and Christian hope. Discussion and activities encourage participants to live out their faith in their individual and congregational activities.

Darkwood Brew Video Series (led by Pastor Dan and Pastor Rhonda), 9:30 am – Gathering Space, Upper Level

Darkwood Brew explores The Unexpected Love of God in relevant, challenging and surprising ways. DB features world-class musicians, live interviews with renowned and emerging religious thinkers, and a variety of interactive media that allows you to participate in real-time. This is Christian practice for the converging faith of our world today.

VocatioButtonFlatSmallVOCATIO: Discovering the Work of Your Soul in the Soul of Your Work
“Vocatio” refers to a calling into our life’s work. This seven-part series features people from a variety of professions reflecting on their sense of “call,” how they responded to it, and what it means both for them and those they interact with and influence. Explore the ways that finding your “sweet spot” – the work in your life that brings you most fully alive – is a deep spiritual practice with ancient Christian roots, and possibly even an accelerant for the work of the Spirit in our world today.
September 18,25; October 2,9,16,23, November 6

waitingflatWAIT TRAININGHeaven is the Road
Patience may be a virtue, but it’s in short supply these days. We all feel the tug of quick fixes and fast results. It seems like the pace only amps up during the season of Advent. Based on reflections by Presbyterian pastor Greg Glover, Wait Training: Heaven is the Road, this four-part Advent series is for all of us who hate to wait. Dr. Eric Elnes explores what the Bible can teach us about waiting, and why it’s important for Christian faith, particularly as we prepare for new life during the season of Advent.
November 27; December 4,11,16


Join certified Enneagram consultant and spiritual director Debbi Horton to learn more about the ancient wisdom of the EnneagramThe Enneagram is tool for spiritual and emotional growth, kind of like the Myers-Briggs of spirituality.
September 18, 25; October 2,9 – 9:15 am, Lydia Meeting Room (Lower Level)


Sarah Lund headshot

1 in 5 Americans live with a mental health condition. Many times they are stigmatized, feared and shunned. Others suffer silently, afraid to share their stories or unable to access the resources they need. As communities of faith, how do we address these issues and minister to those who need help? How can we turn our faith communities into safe havens where those struggling with mental health issues feel welcomed, loved and cared for?
As part of the First Christian Church VOICES conference, keynote speaker and pastor Sarah Griffith Lund, who has a depth of experience with mental health issues, will join us for a time of open conversation.
November 13, 9:30 am, Gathering Space (Upper Level)


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